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In 2007 when the construction industry was in decline, Humberto Barajas moved to Wisconsin in an effort to find a stable job. Finding himself working in minimal jobs with insufficient pay to cover his needs, he came to the conclusion that it was necessary to go out on his own. He knew he could use all of his experience managing companies with over twenty employees, working with new construction, reading blueprints and doing general construction to help him succeed in doing something that he loved. This was the beginning of BARAJAS CONSTRUCTION, LLC.

BARAJAS CONSTRUCTION, LLC is a small company with a core of Mr. Barajas and five employees -- and sometimes more, depending on the project at hand. There is no job too big or too small for them to undertake. They have combined experience of 12 years in general construction, rough wood and metal frame, asphalt and flat roofing, vinyl, cement board and metal siding, finish carpentry and flooring, etc.

- Carpentry - Ceramic Tile
- Marble
- Carpet

- Roofing - Siding
- Wood floors
_and more!!

_____We offer 24 hour emergency service. Warranty and satisfaction is guaranteed in all jobs. Milwaukee, WI 53215